Press Team

Press Presidents

Dear faculty advisors, sponsors, delegates, ladies, and gentlemen:
It is an honor for us to introduce you to the seventeenth version of the Model of United Nations of the Fundación Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar, BIMUN XVII. It is a pleasure for the entire BIMUN team to have you here as part of our model, which has always been known for its high academic requirement. Our purpose for this year is that all of you get to participate in a high academic environment, also to build up a personality on each and every single one of you that will later become the future of our society. We, as this year’s press presidents, hope that BIMUN fulfills your expectations. Finally, we assure you that with your compromise, responsibility and the high academic level that BIMUN has, you will be able to develop your abilities. Welcome to Valledupar and welcome to BIMUN XVII.

Elisa Hernández
Press President
Natalia Malo
Press President